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Wall Furnaces & Space Heaters

Wall furnaces are a slim tall unit desiigned to heat small homes, apartments and condo's.  Unlike a central forced air furnace, these units are not capable of being joined to long air ducts.  Wall furnaces will heat one primary room plus one or two adjacent rooms with the use of optional rear or side outlet kits.  There are two types of wall furnaces, gravity vented and counterflow.  A counterflow wall furnace takes air in through the face at the top and forces it with a fan down across the heat exchanger and into the room just above floor level.  Gravity vent wall furnaces have an open grille face which allows the air to naturally convect up alongside the heat exchanger surfaces and into the room, an optional fan may help this process along.  No electricity is required for a gravity wall furnace to operate.

Space heaters are either free standing or wall mount, they typically have a  horizontal profile.  Space heaters have no ducting capability and are designed for heating one primary open space.  Heating capacities go from 10000 up to 65000 btuh making them ideal for adding a little extra heat to a single room to additions, hobby rooms, shops and cabins.  Space heaters are simple, plain units wich we affectionately call are "designer brown box line".