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Royal English Oak - B Series Classic

Available in log sets 18" to 42" Beautifully Realistic - VENTED
Real-Fyre brings the natural beauty and warmth of real wood and they preserve the attractiveness of your homes wood burning fireplace.

Environmentally Safe and Clean
Real-Fyre Gas Logs burn clean. They don't use up precious forest resources or pollute the like a wood burning fire. And, they don't affect indoor air quality

With Real-Fyre Gas Logs, you can start your fire by turning a variable flame control, throwing a switch or pressing a button on a remote control

Real-Fyre Gas Logs eliminate the high expense of firewood. Your log set will continue to provide enjoyment and comfort year after year.

Laboratory tests prove Real-Fyre Gas Logs heat twice as efficiently as a wood fire.

Sets include handcrafted logs, custom grate, Real-Fyre Burner System, Granules (sand or vermiculite), ember glow, grate clips/log locators, pan/connector kit and damper clamp. Available for natural or propane gas. To be used in a vented wood burning fireplace with damper open.
Approved for G4 (RADCO), G5 (CSA) and G6(CSA) burner systems.

Sizing the Gas Log Set
It is important that the gas log set is properly sized to fit the fireplace.  Improper sizing may negatively impact the proper drafting of the fire place.  Additionally, too large a log set with adversely affect the burn and hamper the proper operation of the control system. Too small a set will diminish the beauty of the hearth setting.  Measure the fireplace using the dimensions illustrated (Figure 1). Compare these to the set dimensions found in the tables above. A minimum if 1 1/2 inches of space must be maintained between the side walls of the fireplace and the burner system equipment.

For improved aesthetics, the gas logs and the burner pan should be centered in the fireplace.  This may result in the control system on the burners extending further to one side.  Be sure to allow for space to accommodate the control system.

Real-Fyre Gas Log Sets up to 96,000 BTU maximum input are accepted by leading national and local building safety code authorities throughout the United States; International Conference of Building Officials Report No. 2399; Building Conference of America, Inc. 93-10; Listing No. 1188; City of Los Angeles General Approval
CSA Designed Certified on log sets 18" - 30"

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