Welcome to your home comfort store!  From the very beginning we knew that everyone looks at comfort differently, some like the soothing feel of radiant heat, others like to walk room to room with no temperature differences.  For a lot of people the lowest possible energy cost is the most critical issue.Service repair heating furnace air conditioning  What's important to you?  We hope to provide you with the right information to make wise choices for your lifestyle.  That's why we chose to be more than just a heating contractor, one type of system just doesn't fit all of us.  Look through the products we offer, and remember, it's your home, you live there, the system that fits you is different than your neighbors.  We've worked hard to bring you the best in expertise, technology, efficiency and reliability.  Products and service you can count on, keeping you comfortable, year after comfortable year.

Located in Mt.Vernon, Washington, Handy's Heating serves the entire Northwest corner of Washington State, including Island County, Skagit County, Whatcom County, San Juan County and North Snohomish county. Planned maintenance, repairs and emergency service are just a phone call or an E-mail away.  From cabins to commercial complexes, from space heaters to water heaters, fireplaces to central vacuums, parts and supplies to full installations, we strive to be your total heating and air conditioning resource.

Thorough planning and design are available for new construction, remodeling and energy saving upgrade and retrofit projects.  With expert installations to complete your project. Handy's Heating is licensed, bonded, and insured using only our own employees -- not subcontractors -- on your job. Unlike other companies, we will always stand behind what we do; we don't consider the project complete until you are satisfied. We feature the largest service department in the Skagit Valley, with trained and licensed technicians available seven days a week. From Everett north, Handy's is at your service.

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